Issues after firmware upgrades


I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version and am even more issues with my mood.A reply from the developers would be nice

1: Before upgrade bed levelling worked - just
After I can go into the 3 point levelling by trial and error. When done and I try to print the machine doesn’t recognise the z axis and doesn’t move down. I’ve had to use software to make it lower but then the print is messed up and fails

2: Filament clogging. After the update the machine is constantly clogging using the same filament as previously worked

3: The laser module when I eventually get it focused which is also hit and miss will loose focus during the print meaning nothing appears on the medium
4:Power failure continuation does work. The screen starts up and the only option is stop with a message of ‘Finish’ no means of restarting or continuing

5: The manual is nothing like the actual product
a). There’s no ‘enter 3point levelling’ button
b) Says on one page ‘insert filament to prevent detection failure’ implying there is filament run out already in the module Further on it says ‘filament section sold separately’ Go to the shop no such item for sale, testing does nothing the print module still continues to mimic printing

The support for the MOOZ is disgusting. No support staff seem to read or reply to any issues. I certainly wouldn’t purchase again nor recommend to any friends or colleagues.


Hello, I want to know if your updated firmware is the firmware corresponding to the printer. There are two versions of MOOZ, one with WiFi version and the other without WiFi version. Their corresponding firmware will also be different.
Laser engraving function, I don’t know if you have set the working zero. If not set, there will be no consequences after printing. And MOOZ’s function is relatively low, only some wood and kraft paper are available.
If you continue to power off, will you accidentally power off? I think this may require some photos or videos to analyze which issues.
Sorry for the very unpleasant experience, but if you have any questions, you can send an email to I believe there will be corresponding after-sales technicians to solve your problems.