Is it possible to use the Computer Vision kit with the M1?


According to the the following example it seems like that should be possible to use the Vision Kit with the M1 model:

However, the page for the Vision Kit mentions that it can be setup with a Dobot Magician - it isn’t clear if it would also be compatible with the M1 model in order to perform the demonstration shown in the M1 product video (pick and place)


Don’t waste your time on the vision kit they sell, i bought it with the conveyor as i was told by them that it would work, vision sorta works if all you want to pick in blocks and the conveyor will not even connect to the M1.

I made my own stepper controller and i am trying to get a vision system from cognex or banner to work. I have Gotten it to work just dealing with accuracy issues with the m1


Hi Trevor,

Were you able to get the vision system working. Do you have any guidance in getting microscan hawk from microscan working with dobot m1?