Invalid port name or Dobot is occupied by other application



I’ve downloaded the ROS dobot_ws from here.

After making it with catkin_make, sourcing devel/setup.bash, and attempting to run the server with (what I believe to be) the appropriate port name,

rosrun dobot DobotServer /dev/ttyUSB0

I run into the error in the image above.

CDobotConnector : QThread(0x243aa50)
CDobotProtocol : QThread(0x243af80)
CDobotCommunicator : QThread(0x243b5a0)
[ERROR] [1522177631.565818235]: Invalid port name or Dobot is occupied by other application!

Has anyone successfully run the Dobot Server with the dobot_ws ROS package? If so, I would greatly appreciate assistance in getting this to work.

Thank you.


Here is the command that finally worked for me:

rosrun dobot DobotServer /dev/tty


I had same problem.
But I solved it .

The problem happens when “ttyUSB0” doesn’t have authority.
Just give an authority to “ttyUSB0”.

To give authority to ttyUSB0, try this code below.

sudo chmod a+rw /dev/ttyUSB0


Thank you for this solution! I have been trying for days to get my Pi to send commands via USB to the Dobot. My Pi was 32Bit so it took awhile to get the dll right, but when I started getting feedback from the Dobot, but always showed the USB port was occupied. THANKS!