Invalid port name or Dobot is occupied by other application



I’ve downloaded the ROS dobot_ws from here.

After making it with catkin_make, sourcing devel/setup.bash, and attempting to run the server with (what I believe to be) the appropriate port name,

rosrun dobot DobotServer /dev/ttyUSB0

I run into the error in the image above.

CDobotConnector : QThread(0x243aa50)
CDobotProtocol : QThread(0x243af80)
CDobotCommunicator : QThread(0x243b5a0)
[ERROR] [1522177631.565818235]: Invalid port name or Dobot is occupied by other application!

Has anyone successfully run the Dobot Server with the dobot_ws ROS package? If so, I would greatly appreciate assistance in getting this to work.

Thank you.


Here is the command that finally worked for me:

rosrun dobot DobotServer /dev/tty


I had same problem.
But I solved it .

The problem happens when “ttyUSB0” doesn’t have authority.
Just give an authority to “ttyUSB0”.

To give authority to ttyUSB0, try this code below.

sudo chmod a+rw /dev/ttyUSB0