Instability in the R servo/axis


Hi, while programming the MG400 I have noticed that the robot moves precisely in all directions except for the R axis which appears unstable, producing random ‘twitches’ of maybe a few degrees of undesirable movement.

The problem occurs with nothing attached to the end effector although is more observable when I have a small light 3d printed attachment fixed to the end effector which magnifies the problem.

I have taken a short video of the problem but the forum does not seem to allow video uploads.

Any help will be appreciated.



Hi MykeC63, sorry about the inconvenience. Please send your problem description and video to and we will be able to receive and help you from there


Hi, I sent a video using a secure e-mail system via work that allowed large file sizes, but have not had a reply or aknowlegement of receipt.
Could you please confirm that you have received my e-mail, if not I can try to send it again.



Hi MykeC63, we’ve got your email and will proceed real soon.