Information Guide for CR Series Products


Dear all,

Please check the links below for a detailed instruction of our CR series robot arm:

Leaflet: click here

Video introduction: click [here] )

Shipping list: click here

Hardware Guide: click here

Software Guide:

Dobot Blockly: click here
CR Studio App: click here
SCStudio: click here

Furthermore, you can check some application videos of our CR series robots:

5G-Feeding&Blanking-5G Smart Manufacturing Show: click here

Electronic Products- Assembling-Phone Data Cable: click here

Electronic Products-Assembling_Feeding&Blanking-Laptop Production Line: click here

Machine Tool-Feeding&Blanking-CR16 Lifting Tool Feeding&Blanking: clickhere

Semiconductor-Feeding&Blanking-Chip Transfer Feeding&Blanking: click here

Plastic Products-Feeding&Blanking-Bottle Cap Feeding&Blanking Stacking: click here

We believe that above links were able to show you what our products are used for and the basic ideas of how they work. Anyway, if you still have questions about our products, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

You can also post your questions on CR series products in this catalog so that we can discuss it more conveniently.