I think I need a new extruder stepper motor


My printer was working fine yesterday but the exstruder motor will only turn one way and I don’t know why.
Anyone have any ideas?


Have you opened the print head and seen it only moves one way? Or is it that pressing the “E” buttons with down or up arrows aren’t working? (Or only one of them is working?)


This happened to me; the toothed cog that connects to the shaft of the stepper is pretty poor quality; I fixed it by replacing it with a titanium one - you might be able to fix it by taking the whole thing apart and tightening the little scew that binds it to the shaft,


Hello aenertia. I have not disassembled the extruder yet but think i have same problem with the toothed cog you mentioned. I can heard the motor but the filament does not move at all. where did you get your spare part? Could you send me any information about it?