I need a new heatbed for my Mooz 2


Hello, I damaged the heatbed surface off my Mooz 2 printer. How can I adquire a new one,

because it is not in the Dobot Mooz accessories.

Thanks in advanced. Jorge.


If it works you don’t need a new heated bed,if you just need the plastic laminate you can buy from BuildTak and cut it to size, you can also buy BuildTak from Amazon


I wanted to change the surface of the heatedbed for the one which it came as a spare,
and began to take off until I watched that I could not do anything else because it
carries the resistance and the temperature sensor.
I tried to stick it again but the surface has been irregular.


I too am looking to buy a new heated build plate. How soon can they be available?


Maybe you could ask to buy one by e-mail, the only problem is that customer service usually takes like one week to answer mails.
I also recently bought a new printing head and it surprisingly came with another heated-bed and even more filament.


Thanks. Just got confirmation from them that my order is being processed today!