How to use Hikvision camera in conveyer tracking with MG400?


Dear Support Engineer, I have issues about conveyor tracking that works with camera application (vision master) in calibration Hikvision camera with MG400, I have already tried N-point calibration and used a calibration board but the result indicated the wrong position (it should be positive value but it shows negative value even I have finished calibration), do you have any recommendations about it?

Can you send visiondemo.exe to my email thankful?

Thanks & Regards


Hi Teerawat, we were preparing a video of our application training which will include the content of conveyer tracking, and I will send you the video once we are ready and you can follow the video to try. If you still have any question about it, you can contact us for further assist.


Hi Teerawat, please check the download link for the application training video: (in Part A vision the vision related contents starts in 29:30, and in Part B the first part)