How to update the firmware of the Dobot Magician Lite


Dear everyone,

I can not figure out how to update the firmware of my Dobot Magician Lite (multiple of them). Here is what I’ve tried:

For the most part I interact with the robots using Python, but the first time I connected my Dobot Magician Lite to a Windows 10 PC and started DobotBlock 1.6.1-beta4 I see that there is a firmware update available:

Dobot Block detects that my Dobot Magician Lite currently runs firmware 2.0.7 and that firmware 3.6.15 is available (date 2020-01-10).

It also tells me that I need Dobot Studio to upgrade the firmware. So I installed Dobot Studio v. 1.9.4 for Windows. In DobotStudio 1.9.4 i connect to my Magician Lite and click on [About]. This shows me some of the same information (current firmware 2.0.7): screenshot B

If I click on [Settings] > [Update] in Dobot Studio I see the following new updates (see screenshot below). The overview of updates states that firmware 2.0.7 is the newest Magician Lite firmware, in contrast to Dobot Block saying a version 3.6.15 is available.

Screenshot C from previous link.

If I click on [Settings] > [Firmware] I see that the current firmware is 2.0.7 and that the burning firmware is version 1.0.0., but no mention of version 3.6.15:

Screenshot D from previous link.

If I click on Confirm in the dialog from above (although the versions mentioned do not make sense to me) I get the following error (see screenshot, the firmware I’m trying to burn/flash/transfer is the same as the version on the robot):

Screenshot E from previous link.

What am I missing? How should I be updating the firmware of Dobot Magician Lite in the year 2022? Please advice.

/ Jonas


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