How to send a Boolean (0 or 1) to Dobot serially and get the value through Dobot blockly code in Dobot Studio


Hi Dobot Support team,

I am working on a use case where I need to communicate with the Dobot serially. For this I have written a script in python that sends a Boolean value (depending upon the business logic) serially over USB at Dobot’s baud rate and on the COM port that the Dobot is connected to. Now the questions ;-

  1. Do I need to send the Boolean value 0 or 1 as hex or as integer or in 8 bit binary format?
  2. How can I fetch the Boolean value sent to Dobot through its Blockly code in the Dobot studio and then build logic based on the value received (0 or 1)?

Looking forward to a reply soon, on that.