How to let the Dobot move according to specific XYZ with C# or C++?


I have a problem with the Dobot, I am using Visual studio 2013 and I want to send a XYZ position to the Dobot V1.0 and the Dobot go to this position correctly, How could I make this operation ? Is there any example codes for this in C++ or C# ?

Notes :

  1. Why i use visual studio ? Our application uses several libraries with each other ( i.e. OpenCV) to find the location of an object then let the Dobot go and get this object using C++

  2. We don’t deal with Angles we deal only with XYZ locations


You can use the target moving mode here:


Hello Moumen93,

I was wondering how you deployed c++ code to DOBOT? Did you get any positive results controlling DOBOT directly over your PC?

Any help is appreciated,


can you explain how to use this in c# ?