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Epson printer is an all-in-one and eco-friendly printer that delivers amazing quality, blazing-fast speeds, and exceptional reliability prints. But what if you encounter issues with the printer unexpectedly?

As with other printers encountering problems with the Epson printer is quite common. Many users have reported that they also struggling with the Epson printer offline issue. If you also belong to the same category and are encountering offline problems with your printer. Then no need to get upset, you have arrived at the correct destination. The following guide will assist you how to troubleshoot the printer offline problem.

However, numerous reasons can lead to the Epson printer offline. But the good news is that the printer is offline problem is curable and can be fixed in a few simple and easy troubleshooting steps.

If you don’t know how to get your printer back online, then this is the last stop for all your worries. Here are some effective efficient problem-solving resolutions to fix the Epson printer offline issue. Simply have a look at the below section.

Key reasons for Epson Printer Offline?

Despite of outstanding features of the Epson printer, users also encounter some common problems like printer offline. So, before you head over to the resolutions to fix the problem, it is necessary to get familiar with the root causes. Below is a list of some common causes for the epson printer offline problem.

  • Loose or improper connections of power cables, chords, or USB chords.

  • Outdated or corrupt printer driver.

  • Incorrect printer settings can also make the printer offline.

  • Slow and unstable internet connection.

  • The paper got stuck or jammed while printing.

  • Slow or stopped Spooler service might make your printer offline.

Tricks to Troubleshoot the Epson Printer Offline

Hope now you know the possible causes that can make epson printer offline. Although this problem might occur on different occasions and causes might vary from system to system. Well, below we have listed some troubleshooting methods to solve the offline printer issue.

a. Check the Connection between Devices

The foremost step is to check the connection. You have to ensure that the printer is getting enough power and the connection between devices is good. If you are connected through a USB cable, then ensure the cable is working properly.

Check that the cable isn’t damaged from anywhere and not loose as well. If it is loose, then take it out and plug it properly. If in case, it is damaged then replace it with a new one.

b. Reset the Printer Spooler

The next method to fix the Epson printer offline problem is to reset the printer spooler. Generally, the print spooler is visible to users and they can cancel a print job that is being processed.

It also lets you manage jobs that are currently on the waitlist. So, by resetting this service, you can reset all the configurations. Here is how to reset the printer spooler.

  • Open the Run application by pressing Windows + R and enter services. msc.

  • Then choose Print Spooler and open its properties.

  • After that, click on Stop below System Status. Then click on Ok to save changes.

  • Next, launch the service again and start it. Also, ensure that the startup is set as automatic.

If this doesn’t work, then try to access the printer using the login credentials and ensure the printer is connected.

c. Update the Epson Printer Driver

It still encounters the Epson printer offline issue, then try to update the printer drive. As mentioned above, outdated printer drives can also make your printer offline.

The printer driver functions as a bridge between the printer and the computer. It helps to convert the commands that we send from the computer into an understandable format. So, it is necessary to keep the driver updated to its latest version. Below are the steps to update the printer driver.

  • On your desktop, go to Settings.

  • After this, click on Update & Security.

  • Then click on Window Update.

  • Next, click on the Check for Updates option.

d. Uncheck “Use Printer Offline”

If you are using Windows for printing, then it has a feature to keep the printer in offline mode. This feature might be enabled on your device. So, to bring the printer online back, you need to uncheck this option. Here is how to uncheck the Use Printer offline feature.

  • First, you have to press the Windows and R key to open the Run box.

  • Next, enter Control in the search box and click on ok.

  • After this, click on Hardware and Sound, followed by clicking Devices and Printer on the next screen.

  • Then from the list choose and click on your printer and select Properties.

  • After that, on the next screen, see if the ‘use printer offline’ checkbox is checked.

  • It is checked, then simply uncheck the box to use your printer online.

At last save the settings, click on the ‘OK’ button.

e. Reinstall the Epson Printer

Another method to get rid of the Epson printer offline issue is to reinstall the printer. Here is how to reinstall the Epson printer.

  • To reinstall the printer, click on Start and visit Control Panel.

  • Next, choose Hardware and Sound and click on Devices and Printers.

  • Then choose your printer and click on Remove the device.

  • Now wait until the process completes.

  • With this, the printer is successfully removed.

  • After this, reboot the printer and go through the same process again.

  • Visit the Printers and Device section and click on Add a Device.

  • On the pop-up window, choose Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer.

  • Next, it will start searching for all the devices. Now choose your model of Epson printer and click on ‘Next’.

  • Now you have successfully re-added your Epson printer.

Final Words

Certainly, the above easy-to-follow step-by-step guide will help you with how to get your Epson printer offline back online. To bring the printer online back, you have to follow the above resolutions as given.

One of the exciting pieces of news is that it is also possible to dial the Epson printer support number. Epson support team members have hands-on experience to have the best version of the printer. In short, the solutions are knocking at your door. But it is up to you, in which way you grab the opportunity.