How to convert STL file to Gcode?


I need to convert STL file to Gcode. What software i need? Also want to know how to change layer resolution in Dobot mooz 3df and Dobot mooz 3z


Slicing software.

The STL is the file you put into the slicing software.

Cura, is one of the most popular slicers out there and is free to use.
Simplify3d is commercial but easier and less daunting for a novice to use.

Once an .STL is sliced, it produces G-Code which guides the printer to actually make it.

Many objects might have overhangs that will need to be supported inside the slicer before the G code is produced.


Too bad that Simplify3D doesn’t have a free trial version. Of course, you can buy a full version and cancel the subscription within 2 weeks, but I’d prefer a full working trial. Would be perfect for beginners