How often does print head get jammed and need to be taken apart?


I have a Mooz 1_2 and now have to take apart the print head for a second time after only a few prints and having the printer less than a month. I’m using the PLA that is provided with the printer. Is this normal or is there something with the design of the print head / extruder that is defective? Taking apart the print head by the way to clear a jam is not a simple task and I’ve seen that some have broken parts trying to do this on the facebook group. What suggestions do you have? Can I request a replacement print head?


No, it should not jam frequently. I’ve used my Mooz2 for months and have had maybe one jam.

Can you provide more info? What temp do you set the print head to? Is it during printing? During initial extrusion?


Temp for print head is set to 205. It has happened between prints. I’m getting ready to print after it has sat overnight and it is jammed. It has happened twice and both times I’ve had to disassemble the print head.


I would like to order a replacement nozzle for my Mooz-2 for 2 reasons.

  1. I don’t see any on Amazon that look like the one in my print head, and
  2. I want a stainless or at least hardened nozzle as I sometimes us Glow in the dark and Metallic filaments. I hear they wear a nozzle out quickly.
    Can anyone help me?