How is the position of the gripper defined?



I can access the position of the robot with the serial protocol but I haven’t found a drawing that defines this pose. So for example if have z = 50, where do I have to put a ruler to measure this distance?


have a look on this, it may answer your question.


No it doesn’t. The question was about the position of the gripper. Could you mark the position of the gripper in this drawing?



Could you please answer this rather easy question?


ok, maybe I get your question: if I chose Gripper in the Main window, then which point is using as the target point? is this what you are asking?
I will get back to you once I confirmed the answer.


exactly. And also for the other gripper types would be perfect.


as discussed with our enginneer, at this moment, the center of the axis 4 is used as the target point for both Gripper and Suction Cap. the reason is that both two end effector is connectedd to the axis 4 .


And can you tell how this (x,y,z) center point shown in the picture is calculated from angles?



This is a little different from the picture in the recent documentation.

Could you please confirm the existing gripper center? More specifically, I need to know the height from the suction cup to the center of the gripper space.