How does offline mode work?


Hi everyone,

I have a question according the offline mode of the M1.
When I uploaded my playback scipt, started the offline mode and everything, the M1 disconnects from the M1 Studio and runs through the script once. Is there any way how I can restart the script without reconnecting the Dobot back to my device first? With a button or something? (Like the Key button with the Magican)

Thanks very much!


Please check the loop in the playback and upload the playback scipt.



Hi and thanks for the quick reply!

When I set the loop for example to 3 repetitions and I start the offline mode, the M1 goes through the playback script three times. But ist ist possible to start the playback script again, without reconnecting to the computer? And if yes, how?

Thanks again.


The official website Dobot-M1-User-Guide has instructions for using external devices (such as PLC), you can refer to it.