How do I use Python with Dobot M1?


Dear Support Engineer/ Users in the Forum,

I have got the sample code from “Dobot M1 API description”, however, when I use it in the “script” module of M1 studio, it doesn’t compile/ work. It throws up errors.

I am not sure whether I got all the dll files in the right location in the “M1 Studio” folder in my PC. Can you please let me know what are all the dll files required to run the sample script? Can it be even run in the “script” module of M1 Studio?

Finally, I would like to know how do you link Python with Dobot M1? What are the prerequisites? Have you got any documentation discussing the set-up such as the “Dobot Magician Demo Description” for Magician?

Kindly let me know.

Thanks & Regards


I am very sorry to have given you a wrong suggestion regarding the previous reply. You can try to reinstall M1studio to see if you can run the sample script. Thank you.


Dear Support Engineer,

Thanks for your response.

I use Python 3.7 and Pycharm IDE to write the code for communicating with Dobot M1

I downloaded the “Dobot Demo V2.0” for Magician and understood how the code has been written for Python to connect to Dobot.

I understand that I need Python API and Dobot API to establish communication. I also understand that Dobot API will need to be created by me. Can I know where is the Python API for Dobot M1 is?

Also, what is the exact DLL file I need to be able to use the Dobot M1 commands. Is it DobotDllM1.dll? DobotDll.h? DobotType.h? Can you please list the DLLs and where they need to be located?

Please also let me know how to import those DLLs in the Pycharm or “Script” module of M1 Studio? I haven’t been able to import them. It throws up a error “unknown resource”. I have checked the paths. If there is a certain way the paths need to be set-up, kindly let me know.

If there is a documentation explaining all these it will help all of the M1 users.

Thanks & Regards