Homing Dobot M1 with C# API



i want to execute the homing-function via C# with the Dobot M1.
I call the function SetHOMECmd() but the Dobot only set the current pose to 400,0,0,0. I can see this in M1Studio. I get an error which says that the Dobot is on the NEGATIV limit of the J3-axis. The real position is (188, 68, 230, 80). You can see the Dobot is near the POSITIVE limit.
I also worked with the DobotMagician. Everything works well with this Dobot. So I’m sure that the commands are all right.
Why does the SetHOMECmd() function doesn’t work with the M1?


Have you read this part of the API documentation? Is there any abnormality in the coordinates in m1studio?


Hi Daniel,

thanks for your reply. Yes i’ve read this documentation.
I’ve already talked to the german support. They said that this function won’t work with the dobot M1 because the home-position is fix to (400,0,230,0). So i interpret this as the default position which is mentioned in the last sentence. If i don’t call this function the dobot should move to the coordinates (400,0,230,0). Am I right?

Like i told in the opening the dobot does not move and set the current coordinates to 400,0,0,0.


I think German support is right. Because the servo motor is used for m1, and the stepping motor for magician can change the zero position at will.


Yes, thats right.
But i need the setHOMECmd-function for my project to rise the precision of the m1. Is there no possibilty to call this function via C#?


hi Chris
You don’t need setHOME Cmd-function to improve the precision. The accuracy of m1 is 0.02mm and the accuracy will be maintained for a while. It will meet your needs.


Hi Daniel,

i have already had the problem that the dobot doesn’t reach the correct position.
Do you know if the setHomeCmd is existing?


You don’t need to use setHome Cmd. If the robot does not reach the correct position, you may need to consider the left and right hand modes.


Thanks for your help.
I will try this.