Hand held teach mode - press button not recording a position


Dear Support Engineer/ Users of the forum,

I am currently having a new Dobot M1 off-the shelf. I am trying to record a position using hand held teaching, however, the press of button in the fore-arm doesn’t let record a position.

I have done it exactly as said in the manual following the steps:

  • Tick the “Hand held teaching”
  • Switch off the motor
  • Move Dobot M1 to a position by hand
  • Record a position by pressing the button (doesn’t record)

Can you please let me know whether this is a hardware or software issue?

Thanks & Regards


Dear Support Engineer,

I cannot see the last reply in the thread.

However, I have checked the hand held teaching mode and made sure that it was done exactly as indicated by you!

Still, the record of position doesn’t work by press of the button in forearm.

Kindly let me know what the issue is?

Thanks & Regards