Grinding/shaking when moving up and down


Just got my Mooz 2 and put it together, when I was adjusting the zero point, I noticed it makes a loud clicking noise while moving down about half way, and when moving up the motors grind and the whole machine shakes at the same spot where it clicks.

I made sure all the screws are in tight and everything is level and even, did I install something wrong or is my printer defective?



I think the click sound is produced by the steel balls inside the linear guide, it is normal since we used heavy-preload linear guides to ensure accuracy.
If the noise distrubs you, try swap the linear acturators, such as use X/Y ones as Z.


Shaking is beyond expectation, check whether the cables are well connected and if the shaking is still there, shot a video and post the share link here, thanks.


I tried your first suggestion, I took it all apart and moved the actuators into different spots. Now it seems to be moving and printing perfectly. Maybe something wasn’t in the right spot when I built it the first time, but its fine now.

Thank you!