GPL Compliance/Source code for Dobot's use of MarlinFirmware in Mooz


Hi there; I am looking for the firmware source-code used in the Mooz1/2. Some strings analysis and basic looking at the PCB design shows it’s quite clear it’s using a forked 1.0 version of Marlin : and GRBL.

Preferably if Dobot can create a github-fork from the existing Marlin repository so a merge diff can be undertaken to see what needs to be done to get the changes added back into Master this would be the ideal situation.

I would quite like to start compiling and using version 2.0 of Marlin with my Mooz; which would enable me to add things like Auto-Zeroing/Bed-leveling sensors etc, as well as potentially increasing the build volume in the future.

This is the third time I have requested this (via the kickstarter Q&A form, via the kickstarter comments/support section) and now here. Whilst I appreciate a little bit of time is needed to clean up code prior to publishing, this will be the last time I request it nicely.

Here is a handy guide to your obligations and ways of meeting them

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Also - Note there is no Mention of the GPL in the Documentation shipped with the Unit. This is also considered a breach. Please fix this (this can be as simple as adding a note stating the product contains GPL licensed code and a URL to the full licence) in updated documentation.


I’ve been told no on two occasions from the project manager (through Una) in respect to getting any source code…


I’ve opened a Bug report with Upstream. I am hoping Dobot/Mooz come to their senses quickly on this issue.


Have sent a last ditch request to meet licence obligations to

Next step will be starting enforcement process with SIPO


is anything likely to actually happen though?


If SIPO get involved many things can happen; but SIPO’s powers are broad and PRC bureaucrats are not known for their friendly manner.

It is also relatively simple to send counterfeit identification notices to customs offices around the world, making it relatively easily to stop units at borders.

These are very much last resort things; and the whip end of compliance. Would rather the Carrot approach - of them getting a better product that is in higher demand via community development; was seen as being the better option.


So have you heard anything about this or they just stonewalling you?


Great news! Mooz will go open source soon.


In order to build a healthier community, providing better product and purchasing experiences for all MOOZ users, we would like to share our source code on Github in next 2 weeks. We would update again after we shared and highly encourage all of you to share your excellent work based on MOOZ. And we would provide more benefits like coupon code or new product free sample priority for those who are willing to share your work or solution on with tutorial or video format.


Just FYI to anyone interested, I have been back and forth with Dobot over this same issue. They’ve now decided to stonewall me over the latest version so I am referring this refusal to obey intellectual property law to GNU.

It amazes me what an unbelievably unprofessional company Dobot is. The Mooz 2 is the first and last product I will ever be buying from them and I will be warning anyone thinking about buying a 3d printer to avoid the Mooz due to Dobot’s poor support and refusal to comply with intellectual property law.


Ugh. That sucks. Thank you for letting the community know. I want to enjoy my Mooz, but I’m sad to hear they’re choosing to act unethically. I want to recommend it to my friends, but absolutely will not help a company that cheats others and treats is customers like garbage. They’re also fairly slow to respond around here when people have trouble. Feels very, very sketchy, very slimy.


We will have a public annoucement about this issue this week. Thanks


The compliance/source code for dobot’s use of MarlinFirmaware in Mooz nee the best guidance to remove the all part perfectly which will be going to manage according to can’t load xpcom that feels sketchy to it.


I purchased a Mooz 3 from a friend that could not get it to work. It really looks like the Dobot pirates believe it is okay to take open source code for free, alter it for their unit, then keep the code private and profit from it. At the same time, they don’t support the units when the community could , but they prevented that.

Just another example of kickstarter scam artists. It’s really a shame because the hardware looks good but the operation can not be improved.

PUBLISH THE CODE OR FIX THE CODE OR BOTH. This will help the users as well as Dobot.

Feel free to remove me from this community. My Mooz 3 is just a bunch of parts I can use on an OPEN SOURCE project.