Getting the run around?


Are we all getting the run around? Has anyone here actually received helpful advice from the support staff of Dobot?

I recently posted “Firmware Upgrade Issues” and I felt like I was getting the run around before I even came to these forums. From most of the topics I have read, it doesn’t seem like many people, or anyone for that matter; is getting their problems fixed. Especially when it comes to firmware issues.

Support, can you please tell me why I have not heard from anyone in over 2 weeks? I posted here 7 days ago, I emailed support 7 days before that, on a case that has been open since April 17th!


Hello, the support email is the most direct way to dobot’s official processing. The forum is more for everyone to exchange and discuss. Many usage questions can be found in the forum, but the equipment quality and maintenance need to contact the official support email address.