Firmware update without SD-card/USB


I have taken over a secondhand and first series of MOOZ-1 with several (software & hardware) problems.
This problems concerns:

  1. X-axis (wrong direction movement, negative position);
  2. No SD-card or USB update possible.
  3. No update slot at display;

After some e-mail communication with and internet search I decided to solve things myself.
Hereby the actions.

Firstly managed to update the software by:

  • Forcing BOOT pin 0 of STM32 processor to VDD (positive 3.3V), see T-10 marking at motherboard
  • Connect the motherboard via USB CH-340 port (USB-B) to computer
  • STM32CubeProg software to download .bin from 0x8040000, connection via UART connection.

Secondly removed the (front) bezel from the display to reach the SD-slot, update is done under windows SD formatting (under MAC it doesn’t work).

See some pictures below



It is great that you were able to get the firmware updated. Did that cure the wrong X-axis movement?


Yes, it solve the problem. It was a known Dobot problem and also confirmed by them. Unfortunately they give me no response how to solve the needed update issue. To make it work without this software update, i had to change the gcode file by adding a minus for the x-axis position. This makes me crazy…everytime.

The bootloader part of the application (0x8000000-0x803FFFF) contains the update stuff and is crappy software, but now i can bypass it;-)).

Do you have the same issues?


I have 2 MOOZ-2 systems. Both are working great (at least for 3D printing), I haven’t tried the Laser or CNC heads yet. Fortunately both of mine behave as normal and can be updated through the regular process. One I purchased through the Kickstarter campaign, the other from another customer who no longer wanted his.

Your information/issues are useful for future reference, just in case of problems.

Happy 3D printing…



Thx…for your reply.
Do you know if a Mooz 1 has the same motherboard as the Mooz 2?
Want to know if an upgrade with an extra z-axis is feasible.
I have seen pictures of a splitter…but does it mean that both rails are connected to the same steppenmotor driver?


I would suspect that the motherboard is the same for both the Mooz 1 and 2.
The RJ-45 cable splitter is used on the Z axis stepper-motors so that both are driven with the same drive signal. This youtube link is an assembly video for the Mooz 2 and will show you the main components and how they go together. The video should help answer your questions about how you could convert a Mooz 1 to a 2.