Feeder motor failure after 1 Week


Hey Sunger,

Ambient temperature was around 28 to 30 degrees C, printer head was extruding at 200 degrees C, heat bed was 60 degrees C. Cura settings were the recommended settings in manual.


I will add my 2 cents here. I bought about 4 of these units off of Amazon - 1 to keep, 3 replacemtns. Each of the 4 had a problem. The first one I got the 3D Print head motor had an issue. I got a replacement and I then set up the replacement before I sent the first one back. The replacement print head filament cooling fan was loud and sounded like it was failing. So, I opened up the print head from the first, swapped the fan and I thought I was all set and returned the first unit. Then I had a problem with one of the rails, loud sound when the bed ascends. So, with my 30 day return or replace I ordered another replacement. Set that up and the laser wasn’t functioning so I swapped the one bad rail and returned that unit which had a bad laser and the bad rail that I swapped. I won’t go into the last one. So, now I have one fully operational unit after 3 returns. NOT GOOD. However, I do have another 3D printer Sindoh which cost $2500, this Dobot on Amazon was under $300. I had bed adhesion problems, tried the painters tape, glue stick, hairspray and FINALLY the solution Elmer’s School Glue, the white water and soap washable glue. BUT it works perfectly. Another clue for you all is, when loading filament make sure you make about 5 inches of filament straight, and I mean nail straight. Heat the nozzle to 200 and now, every time I have a great nozzle load. And, I will admit, the prints on the Dobot actually exceed in quality to my $2500 Sindoh. I don’t used the laser or CNC all that much, 2 or 3 times. BUT I should not have had to take parts from replacement units multiple times to get one fully functional unit. BUT, I have had the unit for 4 months and have done about 30 prints and all is good. From all the negative feedback and lack of responses I see from those attempting to email them I expect my machine to be a throw away at some point and wasted $300. I see, on Amazon, that they have a much larger unit with an 8 in bed coming available. NO I will not buy that one, I will just keep this one till it fails. So far I will say that the one unit I have swapped parts to get working is really working well, knock in wood or in this case 3D plastic.