Features like 3-point bedlevel... what FW-level for my MOOZ2 needed?


Hello MOOZ-support.
I Own a MOOZ2 (Full, so 3 f-modules, but no Wifi) via kickstarter. On the downloadpage I see firmware for the Touchpad (v 1.1.0 not updates since march 2018) and a Board firmware 1.4.5. also no recent updates.

In the manual now (available online) the text talks about 3 point bed-levelling and other features. From what firmware levels and when are those features also available for my Mooz2? I would really like to had 3-point bed leveling availables as soon as possible.

thank you!


The old version is also capable of achieving 3 point bed leveling, and the implementation method is the same as the manual. On the downloadpage we have uploaded the latest firmware version.


Hello Daniel,
thank you very much for the rapid answer.

The downloadpage you are referring to (https://www.dobot.cc/downloadcenter/dobot-mooz.html?sub_cat=176#sub-download) currently only has version 1.1.0 for touchpad and 1.4.5 version for mainboard available. (I own a Mooz2 and no newer firmware is available for download). I am looking on Dobot.CC for support and downloads. Should I be lookin’ at another page for downloads? Is there another downloadspage?

The filedate of the touchpad and e mainboard files seems to be changed… to april 17 2019, but the file for download has not changed since march 2018… i think.

Thank you again, and would be great if you (DOBOT) can deliver newer firmware for MOOZ2 via the website.


Hello Daniel, can you please send me a link to the newest firmware for a MOOZ2? Both the device ande the touchpad? All firmware I can find on the Dobot.cc pages currently is dated march 2018. In that firmware the autolevel-features are NOT available.

Thank you again Daniel. Look forward to your message.

Thank you!


I am sorry for the reply too late, I think you misunderstood what I meant.Download page (https://www.dobot.cc/downloadcenter/dobot-mooz.html?sub_cat=176#sub-download 4) The 1.1.0 version of the trackpad and the 1.4.5 version of the motherboard are now up to date. version. The three-point bed leveling function can be achieved by following the instructions in the manual.


I can confirm that this does NOT work. I get ‘no need to update’ when trying to update to 1.4.5, and I just updated my touchscreen and it does not look like the pictures in the manual. 3-point leveling is NOT available on mine.


Hi, is there any update? I have figured my printing bed is slightly unleveled, so I can have either
a) on one side is smears and stops printing, while other areas are fine. The smear, however, gets pushed around, lifting up the fixed parts in the process
b) one the slightly elevated part is prints nicely, but on the other edges the filament doesn’t stick and if lifts/skews.

Unsatisfactory. I would hope 3-point would help, but I can’t get it to work.

Btw. The contents inside the firmware 1.4.5 (dated April 2019) is from September 2018.


The latest Mooz firmware V1.4.5 has raised the reset zero of the new machine to prevent customers from printing damaged hot beds without setting the zero. We will continue to optimize some problems encountered by customers of motherboard firmware solutions in use, and add new features.The problem you are experiencing should be caused by uneven print planes. The best suggestion is to be able to change the printing flat plate.


That’s a poor answer. We don’t change the printing flat plat, that’s what 3 point leveling is for!

As far as I can tell, in my semi-succesful on-off use of kickstarter mooz 2:

  • 1.4.5 & 1.1.0 are the latest firmwares, I believe I have them correctly istalled
  • the touchscreen interface with 1.1.0 update DOES NOT correspond to the UI shown in the manual
  • 3 point levelling works SOMETIMES on this machine, you have to do it right after start-up; the function is accessed through the 0 with 3 arrounds in a ciruclar pattern

… alas, now it is NOT WORKING for me AT ALL: I cannot trigger the 3 point level