When moving the robot at speed 100 and acceleration 100 it often stops suddenly and turns the status light red. I’ve been able to figure out it is throwing this error: ERR_MOVE_INV_LIMIT

What does that mean and what caused it?


Hi Walter,
did you find a solution for this issue?
Happens to me all the time.


Hi Walter. Are you setting up the speed and acceleration at the following image marked?


Hi, Jamiro. Could you please take a video to record this issue? So that our Dobot’s staff knows its specific situation.


I am using the python API and am setting the following:
lastIndex = dType.SetPTPCommonParams(api, 75, 75, isQueued = 1)[0]

This works OK. If I set is as follows:
lastIndex = dType.SetPTPCommonParams(api, 100, 100, isQueued = 1)[0]

Then here and there the robot stops very suddenly and is stuck in an error state and sending ERR_MOVE_INV_LIMIT.

I am aware of:
But I am not calling it in my program.


It appears this error message has come up unexpectedly. My test program is doing only two things:

  1. go to Home position
  2. go to a calculated position

Most of the time, the robot cannot execute step #2 due to err_mov_inv_limit. To get around the problem, press reset button



I keep getting the erro_mov_inv_limit unexpectedly while the home function is working as expected. The only way to clear the error message is to press the reset button. is there a way for me to clear the error using dobot studio?