Electrical specifications for conveyor belt stepper motor


I am looking for electrical parameters of the stepper motor on the Dobot Conveyor belt similar to the ones provided for the linear rail here: Custom linear rail for Dobot Magician

I need to know specifically, what is the PWM frequency of the stepper motor?


Also what is the RPM / steps per revolution / “Step angle”


This is the electrical parameter of our conveyor belt’s stepper motor.


Thank you @Ryan_Yin - I wish all of these technical specifications were available on your site’s documentation though


Hello Jenny,

Did you manage to get the Stepper Motor working with the provided specifications?

The Dobot Magician specification says the ports on the robots base (where you would normally plug in the conveyor belt) provide 12V and 0,9A - so the stepper motor only needing 3,25V confuses me.

I am currently trying to control the stepper motor with a TB6600 Driver and i am unable to get it working (other, similar nema 17 steppers do work fine though).

Best regards.