dType.SetEndEffectorSuctionCup does not work as per Spec


When I use
dType.SetEndEffectorSuctionCup(api, enableCtrl=1, on=0, isQueued=1)

The suction cup does not blow air out and is turned off

dType.SetEndEffectorSuctionCup(api, enableCtrl=1, on=1, isQueued=1) sucks air though.
Can you pls help


This is a normal phenomenon. The air pump only starts to inhale and closes the inhalation. There is no blowing function.


But as per API spec I can make it blow air too. How will you operate the claw if you don’t have blow function.


dType.SetEndEffectorSuctionCup(api, 1, 0, isQueued=0) # Air pump stopped
dType.SetEndEffectorSuctionCup(api, 1, 1, isQueued=0) #Air pump suction

dType.SetEndEffectorGripper(api, 1, 0, isQueued=0) #Air pump blowing
dType.SetEndEffectorGripper(api, 1, 1, isQueued=0) #Air pump suction

In fact, both the suction cup and the Gripper are supplied by the air pump. The air pump has three states: inhalation, blowing in and off. When choosing the suction cup API, there is no option to blow. But when the end is a suction cup, you can try to use the Gripper api to achieve the blowing function.


Sorry, because of my mistake, I said that the suction cup was an air pump in the last reply, please forgive me.