Driver for 3M Pixel Camera



I’m trying to use the vision kit and can’t find the camera driver. The usb camera shows as “3M Pixel Camera” in the device manager, tried reinstalling and driver utility but nothing.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you,



What brand is your camera (log on the camera)?


Hi there, I run into a similar issue and long for your help.

I purchased the vision kit for the Dobot Magician, and try to play with the vision-aided tasks. The camera is the default HikVision one. I downloaded the DobotVisionStudioV1.4.2Setup zip file:image

Both DobotVisionStudio and MVS are in it. I installed the vision studio successfully, however, I cannot get the MVS installed. When I launch the exe installer, specify the installation directory and hit install, it shows the processing window and quit somehow after seconds. No error promts and no file installed.

It might be not a big issue if MVS fails, but I do need the demo code in it to run OpenCV tutorial as mentioned in Hikvision usb3 Camera MV-CE050-30UC and Python+OpenCV

Can you show me how to get the MVS installed or directly send me the OpenCV and Python sample folder mentioned at Hikvision usb3 Camera MV-CE050-30UC and Python+OpenCV ? My email is

Appreciate your help in advance!