DobotStudio 1.9.4 IdentifyColor/SetColorSensor Issue



I have upgraded by DobotStudio from 1.7.1 to 1.9.4 today.

However, I have noticed some irregular with IdentifyColor function.

My Dobot is setup with a Linear Rail and a color sensor.

The code (Blockly) runs fine in version 1.7.1.

However, when I run it with version 1.9.4. The identifyColor function keeps identifying red instead of blue when blue block was placed on the color sensor.

I notice that, it is the placement of SetColorSensor function which causes the problem.

Particularly, when it setup like this, it always return red.


However, if i move setColorSensor function down (I move it on to before the repeat 9 times function). It reads the correct colours.

I am not sure if it supposed to be like this. This only happens in version 1.9.4.


SetColorSensor Port GP4 or GP5, also turn the port of the sensor on mechine.