DobotDemo for QT


I’ve recently received Dobot Magician. After few successfull tests I wanted to try use it in my project via Qt Creator (Dobot DemoV2.0). I have compiled it successfully, run it and connect Dobot to it. However it doesn’t work too good.
It has many problems that make it difficult for me to use this application.
I will try to make it work somehow, but till then I want to know: do you work on that soft? Will it be repaired/modified? Maybe you might know when it will approximately going to happen?
I would be grateful for some information.


Hello, I’ve also used Qt.

The problem is that: it works well under “Debug” model, but does not work under “Release” model. Have you ever noticed that?


I didn’t work under “release”, because “Debug” is enought for me. However after few Dobot patches and my changes in code it works pretty good.