Dobot won't connect to software


I recieved my Magician yesterday and had everything working. I wanted to download a program to the Magician and trigger it using a switch. I used the instructions from this youtube video:
Everything was working fine, but at some point the connection between the Magician and the computer was broken and I’m no longer able to connect the computer to the robot. I get the same error messages as mentioned in this thread: [Dobot Firmware Update Failes]
I tried using another computer wit a different Windows version (Windows 10 vs Windows 7 Professional), switched out USB cables, but to no avail.
The Magician starts up (green light) and I can start the program I had already downloaded on it, it just won’t connect to the computer.
Please help, I’ve bought this unit for a project that I have to finish next week!


I have the same problem it seem like the computer software cannt commuicate with dobot. I have noticed that the computer showed that the Dobot Magician is connected to the computer. did they give you any solutions?


Close the studio software and try to burn the firmware with the Mcuisp tool under the Tools folder.

Open Mcuisp, find the Dobot.hex firmware in the config->firmware folder and click Start Isp to start burning as follows:

After waiting for a period of time after the interface burning progress is completed, if the buzzer sounds, it means that the burning is successful, and the machine can be connected normally. If the burning cannot be completed and the interface reports an error, it means that there is an abnormality in the serial port of the main board of the machine and it needs to be returned to the factory for repair.
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I will suggest you update the software and then restart with the software. It may work after that. You may also check Fix Windows update error code 8007000e to get the required ideas in this regarding.


Hi…please make sure that the USB has already connected with dobot magician and your PC and downloaded the driver successfully, if you don’t know how to install the drivers, please follow the structure on the manual in the package.

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