Dobot Vision Studio Errors



I’ve encountered some problems using the Dobot Vision Studio in combination with the Dobot Magician robot.
I’ll try to explain my problems below.

I’ve installed the latest version of Dobot vision studio 1.4 and all the recommended drivers and packages.

-Problem 1:
I’m trying to configure my Dobot Magician with the Dobot visionkit and am trying to open the supplied files:
calibration.sol but as soon as I open the solution Dobot Vision Studio loads the solution but at the end of the loading bar I get the following error; “Can’t get data list !”

-Problem 2:
When I try to build a program following the help documentation I get a similar error after I saved the solution and try to open it again; “Failed to load Solution:input string was not in a correct format”

  • Problem 3:
    When I try to create a calibration file using the “caliboard” and “N-point” calibration modules following the tutorial using the help function of the Dobot Vision Studio I get an error: “SAVE FILE FAILED, Failed to get data”

I’ve tried installing all the .net and x64 drivers with no luck.
I’ve tried installing an older version of the Dobot Vision Studio after I unintalled the most recent 1.4 version and all supplied drivers.

I can only upload one image as a new user so If you would like images of the other error codes please let me know.

As you can imagine I’m pretty stuck here and help would really be appreciated.
Because without the calibration file I cannot get the robot and the camera to work together.

Waiting for your solution/help thank u.



We are having the same problems with Dobot Vision Studio 4.1.1 - > did you find any solution to this problem? The callibration is done based on this video:


We are having the same problem. Have either of you been able to figure out the solution? @MiPi, @stf


@MiPi, @Stf,
we just figured out the problem. Before saving the file, you have to hit the execute button first. The manual does not point this out, but it does work. good luck


You saved me! My solution was to install older version of Dobot Visio Studio that works.

But now I can actually use the new program.

Thank you!


can you please help me with the calibration of the camera


please help me with the calibration of the camera.


Does anyone know how we can download an older version of Dobot Vision Studio than v4.1.2? I have been searching for older versions of the Dobot Vision Studio as I am trying to run some pretty old SOL examples. The only existing version on Dobot website’s download center is v4.1.2.