Dobot Stepper Motor Torque Limiter Protection


Dear Guys:

I am trying to find any literature about the Dobot’s stepper motors particularly regarding torque limiters. I am wondering if the Dobot Magician’s stepper motors are protected by torque limiters or otherwise known as overload clutch that allows slipping of the shaft in case of mechanical overload.

I would appreciate your inputs.



It’s not mentioned in Dobot Alarms (, so I guess you can’t do this with ready-to-use tools.

I needed something similiar, so I made bunch of other protections, which are:
-thermometers on stepper motors,
-Dobot’s current sensor,
-dust sensor,
-manual emergency break button


Thanks Marianexyx, actually I want to verify if there already is a built-in motor protection for the Dobot, with your answer, that means there aren’t any? tnx


Just saying I don’t know if there are any, because I didn’t found this kind of information in documentation, and I can’t really check it in Dobot, because in not “motor type guy” :slight_smile: . But I had to do some kind of protections anyway, so I made few walkarounds for this problem (mentioned above).