Dobot pick&place


I need a simple pick and place program for Dobot MG400.
But pick point (P1) and place point (P2) I need to get manually.
I thought about using the UNLOCK button (on the dobot’s arm) but when I run the program I can’t unlock dobots arm.
I made a simple program (below).

  • first I unlock arm and set manually the pick point P1.
  • next I run the program and press the button on DI_11.
  • next program gets coordinates X,Y,Z for pick point P1.
    Now the dobot arm goes from P1 point to P2.
    And the problem is how to show manually P2 point? When I run the program I can’t unlock dobot’s arm.




Can you drive the arm to the pick and place points using the “control” tab on the right of the screen and then open the “points” tab and set the coordinates? Im assuming you know the physical positions you need to reach?