Dobot Mooz 3 color 3d printer


Hello from Ohio, USA,
Just ordered the 3 color mixing capable 3D printer. Has anyone else worked with this unit yet? Am I the first?
A couple questions:

  • They say wireless with a phone. I would imagine wireless with my laptop also providing on the same wireless network???
  • Any open Code issues with this unit?
  • Clogging issues experienced?

Seems like a great design. However, like anything else. Only as good as the software driving it.

Any input would be appreciated. I would rather know going in what to expect (seems like a lot of code issues with other model printers)
Thank you,

Reviving a Non-Functioning Mooz3

Cancel the order if possible. Great hardware, horrible software and support. I gave up on mine as I needed help, made multiple requests for support and have heard nothing. Now my Mooz 3 is just a box of parts and I have a different printer that works very well.


Dear Greg,
We have never thought that you will be so disappointed with Dobot products, and feel guilty for not helping you in time. Dobot Team sincerely hopes to serve every Dobot customer well. May I ask if you sent an email to and did not get a reply?You can get more effective help from the support mailbox. Sincere apology again.


Thanks for replying. It is unfortunate that I had to go this far to get a response. I’m not usually a jerk like I was on this forum. I felt completely let down and wanted to warn others to prevent them from the same experience.

In one of the posts on this forum, someone was told to send the email to, so I did that on May 13th then again on May 15th. I also posted on this forum here Mooz 3 = Nice parts that do nothing! . This is the first response I have received.

I did manage to get the unit to move by re-applying the firmware with a different SD card. I still could not get the touch screen to work even though I was able to get that firmware updated as well. It would also not connect with Octoprint. I could get the unit to move but not print. It just burned a couple of holes in the print bed and made plastic spaghetti.

There is a major flaw in this unit and it could just be a weak heating element but the nozzle will never reach the correct temp to print with the fan on. When I disconnected the fan, it was able to reach the correct printing temp but now I have a high probability of melting the filament all the way up to the bowden tube.

If you are willing to assist, I might re-assemble the parts that are now in a box. Before I start, I have a few questions.

  1. Have you seen the nozzle heating problem before and found a solution?
  2. Have you seen the touch screen problem before and found a solution?
  3. Will you share the firmware source?
  4. Are there plans to update to Marlin 2.0.x?

To 3D_man, my apologies for hijacking your thread. Further conversations will be under a new post.




I’m very sorry about that because everyone always discusses technology and shares experience in the forum, Dobot does not carry out after-sales service of products in the forum, so your question has not been quickly answered by DOBOT official. If the product is damaged or cannot be used at all, this is already part of the after-sales content, so it is very necessary to contact
Comprehensive analysis of the problems you encounter. I think your touch screen is damaged (this is currently a malfunction on the hardware), please contact to complete after-sales content. In addition, while the nozzle is heating, the fan has been running. I used my mooz3 to test that it can reach the printing temperature. This may be a firmware error. What’s your MOOZ3 firmware version, please show me a picture like this.


I started a new discussion here. I look forward to working with your support people to revive this unit.