Dobot Mooz 2 Plus (Wifi Version) Request


Can you give me the download link of Dobot Mooz 2 Plus (Wifi Version) touchpad firmware which specifically version 0.18?

I found that the latest firmware (v1.2.2) on yor website was making my Dobot Mooz 2 Plus (Wifi Version) got completely error on whole functionality. The touchpad cannot control the Dobot Mooz 2 Plus (Wifi Version) at all after i upgraded the firmware to version v1.2.2. So i want to revert the firmware back to 0.18, coreaponding to factory Dobot Mooz 2 Plus (Wifi Version) firmware.


I only have 1.18 firmware here. Do you need it? I can send it to you by mail.


Hi supportDW,

were you able to resolve this issue? I’m in the exact same boat, it seems. So frustrated…



i have the same problem did you solved it with the touchpad firmware?


Hi, just request the factory firmware from dobot’s tech support team. Then your problem will be solved soon. Have a nice day.


I have and they did, thanks!