Dobot MOOZ 2 - flexible filament


I contacted you guys and you were very responsive when I said my MOOZ 2, the older one not the larger build volume newer one, but I said the nozzle temp of the needed 240 degree C with a 60 degree bed temp for flexible filament the print nozzle would not maintain the needed temp, it would drop back down to around 210 C and flexible filament will not melt at that temp so prints failed. You guys did send me a new logic board but that did not help, but I did appreciate the efforts. I did find a solution. Might not work for everyone as I updated my bed to be a magnetic removable and flexible bed. With flexible filament it seems to adhere to the bed perfectly without heating it. I think the logic board does not have enough power to power the nozzle to 240 C in parallel to the bed being 60 C. BUT there is still a trick. I start the printer, preheat the nozzle temp to 240 C, it actually seems to heat to only 236-237 C. AND there is still a trick. Flexible filament is very tricky to load so be careful and after you preheat be SURE to extract filament a few times to make sure it is properly loaded. Then I start the print, it will start quickly as I preheated the nozzle to 240 and I use CURA to code the gcode to 240 C for nozzle start and finish temperatures. The print starts and I see the temperature dropping. It keeps dropping and will drop below 220 C and then the print will fail. BUT, here is the solution, works every time. When the temperature drops to 230 C I pause the print. I wait till it warms back to 236 C then I resume printing. Now it will remain constant at 236-237 C.