Dobot Magician x-axis problem(x-axis have shifted)



Currently, we are encountering problem with dobot magician and we want a solution for it urgently.

First of all, the dobot magician’s CP command x parameter value has shifted.
Initially, the code

dType.SetCPCmd(api, 1, 147, 0, 135, SPEED, 1)

corresponded with

dType.SetPTPCmdEx(api, 4, 0 , 0, 0, 0, 1).

The x-axis value corresponds with the length of arm between joint three and joint four, which is 147mm, and hence when the dobot magician is in 90 degrees, the x-axis should be 147 ( arm between joint three and joint four is fully stretched).

However, recently this x-value have shifted to 206mm, thus have ruined our whole code. Now, the code

dType.SetPTPCmdEx(api, 4, 0 , 0, 0, 0, 1) = dType.SetCPCmd(api, 1, 206, 0, 135, SPEED, 1)

This is ruining our whole code, so we want to know how to fix this problem (shift the x-axis back to original value) or a way to conduct calibration for it.


I have somehow the same Problem. I connect the dobot to two different Computers. 1 Laptop and 1 PC. Firmware and everything ist exact the same on both Computers. But when I start Homing, on the PC the koordinates are 147,0,135,0 … on the Laptop it shows 206,0,135,0. I programmed the Dobot in C++ with an arduino. All koordinates are wrong now. Seems ther is an x-axis shift of about 6cm.
Does anybody has an idea what this problem can cause?


Resolved it. Uninstalled dobot studio, deleted everything i found including the words “dobot”, cleaned the registry twice, started new and installed Dobot Studio 1.94. on both Computers the same.
Now the koordinates are equal on both computers… for those who are facing equal problems.