Dobot Magician Second Development



1.I can not find where is the wiring of connector Communication interface of Dotot Magician.
2. Is Dobot Communication Protocol same as Dobot V1
3. in Dobot Communication Protocol.pdf is not specify baud rate.

My goal is attempting to control the arm from Raspberry Pi via UART

Best regards

Milan Jirasek


The communication protocol for magician is not the same as Dobot V1, all the info you need for Magician is here:
And connect dobot to Raspberry through TX RX here:


I can not download the Demo for Arduino. From the zip file DobotDemoV2 I get nothing. I connected the Arduino MEGA as in the Dobot Demo for Second Development and charged the demos here into de Arduino, but nothing happens. Does it have anything to do with the Dobot Magician firmware? can I have the arduino code and connections to run one of the demos in my Dobot magician?


Maybe the demo file is not the complete, we have re-uploaded the demo file, please try it agian.