Dobot Magician same movement in two robots


I have two Dobot Magicians which I want to synchronise, making it move to the same position. However, when I ask the two robot to go to the same position one goes a little further than the other. I want to know if there is a way to calibrate the movement of both robot to make them go to the same potion.

Thanks in advance


I have been trying to use the sensor calibration provided by the Dobot Studio. However, when I go to calibrate the points. it is impossible to move the robot using the buttons (X+,X-, Y+, Y-,…) provided in the window. The robot is not moving when I press any of the Button. (I have the Dobot Studio V1.4.9 installed in windows 10/7 )
Is there another way to calibrate the robot?


Hello rpriego,

if you use sensor calibration, Dobot is calibrating himself automatically at first. Afterwards he change its angle values. Quit it with “Next”.

Next step you can calibrate manually (X+,X-,Y+,…) your Magician. It schould the same window like before, only the buttons are enabled now. Please ensure that your velocity/speed is as low as possible. Otherwise you won’t get a good result.


I have try that, the thing is that after enabling the button. Even if you press it, it will not response until the robot has reach the limit of it workspace. Y have try it in windows 10 wit version 1.4.10 and in windows 7 with version 1.4.9. And nether of them work correctly.


Which firmware has the Dobot?
Can you reburn it?


I has V3.2.0 I have reburn it but it still gave problems that it only respond to some button presses of the program. But I was able to calibrate it.