Dobot Magician newbie


Hi forum members.
Just bought Magician for our SEN school in Northants, UK, and joined the forum in order to resolve glitches while trying to get to grips with features and Blockly coding.
I’m hoping it’s lots of stuff you’ve all disocvered and resolved already - but as there doesn’t seem to be much Dobot support available - you’re my gurus!


Welcome! I am new too. I am an engineer working in the SF Bay area and looking at how we can deploy low cost industrial robots for meaningful productivity in the workplace. I finally the got Studio working and I’m playing around with motion and homing. But I plan to move to an Arduino platform sooner rather than later.


Hi. Glad to make the link. It sounds like you’retrying to do in real-life what I’m trying to show the students what they do with robotics… in real-life!
We’ve got a single Dobot magician, mounted on its linear rail, and sat next to a conveyor belt. Great idea - but I’m short of I/O ports to link it all up!! Colour sensor and photocell switch are attached to the conveyor, but I’ve had to plug their connectors into the robot forearm itself. I’ve been moving Blockly code around with some success to see what I can make it all do. Had trouble with JUMP command - execute just seemed to skip over it. Possibly a movement range error in there somewhere?? Colour sensor lights seem to be ‘on’ all the time when plugged in - no change when I alter the SetColorSensor OFF command in the code. Have you made any sense of the I/O commands yet??


If the JUMP command is skipped during execution, observe if the LED on the base turns red. If it is red, it indicates that the movement range of the position is wrong. The color sensor indicator will always be on. Turning the color sensor on or off separately is only used to identify the start and stop, and does not affect the lighting switch.


Hi Matias,
I hope you’re keeping busy during CV19 lock-down!
I was keen to share progress so far with my Dobot coding.