Dobot Magician IO Interface


Greetings!!! Techies
we have bought a Dobot magician. Right now I am trying to incorporate this robot to a pick and place application. The current scenario is that I need to interface 24V IO’s. Is it possible to do? please send me some documents if there is any by which I can do this.



Temporarily does not support 24v, it will make the board broken.


Dear Daniel ,
Let me ask regarding the same topic … can you suggest some way to do this ?
I’ve tried
Step-down voltage regulator to 24VDC>3.3vdc to do this and it has worked for few days, when suddenly the input has broken ?. I have a shorcircuit on PIN 1 and PIN4 on GP4 now…

I connot understand why, the voltage regulator, when the cable is not connected to the dobot still gives 3.3VDC.

Do you recomend to use an external voltage supply 3.3VDC and perhaps a relay 24VDC to give that 3.3VDC ?

What’s a min voltage for digital 1 on that input : 3 Volts ?
What’s the limit of that input ?
I wonder if 3.5VDC already can broken the input ?

thank you in advance