Dobot Magician doesn't properly know how it is oriented


I want to 3D print with the robot, and it was working before, but for some reason if having trouble telling where it is at the moment. The J1 axis (base rotation) seems to be accurate at tracking the position but is offset like 30 degrees for some reason. I can’t tell if the position sensor is off. My real problem is with the J2 and J3 axes. If I try to home Dobot from where I interpret (45,45,0) degrees to be, it rotates around the base about 135 degrees, comes back and then the J2 and J3 axes retract and it rams the base and grinds the stepper motors. I don’t know why. In the software itself, it usually comes to a point after that where it thinks J2 is at about 225 degrees and J3 is at about 0 degrees which doesn’t make any sense. I mess with settings and move the robot back to (45,45,0) degrees and tell it such, it maintains this off-setting of degrees. It doesn’t seem to know where it is in manual movement from me moving it. If I press the X +/- or Y +/- buttons, it’ll move and J2 and J3 will immediately jump from 225 to, say 75, and from 0 to, say 50, respectively. I can’t tell why it is, I don’t know why it is that it won’t listen to me (firmware, software, hardware, etc.) and have expended all options I can think of, so I would very much appreciate feedback. Thanks!