Dobot Magician does not finish homing.


When I connect Dobot Magician to DobotStudio and press “HOME”, the homing does not end and the blue light remains blinking.
This same phenomenon occurs when you press the Key button on the back of the unit.
Is there any solution to this problem?


I have the same problem. In addition, the Magician can no longer be switched off via the on / off switch after the manual termination of homing. I have to pull the plug and turn it off.


I am experiencing the same thing. Has anyone found a solution?


Hello, could you please share the specific description about “how the Magician does not finish homing”?


Hi, could you please shoot a video documenting the phenomenon to understand the specific situation of the problem?


I was able to fix the issue from the advice of one of the other threads. I think the home position was set somewhere the magician could not reach so in Teach & Playback I was able to change the home position. Then it was able to complete the homing process.