Dobot Magician And LabVIEW


Does anyone know where this plugin can be downloaded???

Hands-On Introduction to LabView with the Dobot Magician

File name: virobot


Labview with Dobot magician

Hello, Thomas, I have replied your topic by email and attached the related vip file.


Hello Ryan_Yin,
can you also send me these .vip file?
thanks & regards


Hi Ralle

I never really got it to work with this .vip because it depends on a DLL which is not up to date, probably why it can’t be downloaded anymore :grinning:

So I started building my own interface…



Hello Thomas,
Thank you for your answer. I think the magician is programmed through the serial port, right? I am trying to program the MG400 via the ethernet interface. Unfortunately, there is only one .dll that does not work completely. :confused:
I am grateful for any suggestion.
Greetings Ralle


Please visit the following link to download
Note: This is a very old file, so it may not work with it. Hope this file can help you.


Thanks, i should probably communicate via the TCP/IP protocol…


Hi Thomas,

could you please send me the block diagram? Thanks


Hi Medhanie

My code has become a bit complicated and for a specific purpose…
So what exactly are you looking for ??



Hello Madam / Sir,

I am doing a student project “LabVIEW Programming and Implementation to pick and place chips using DOBOT mg400 robot arm”.

Till now I got familiar with robot arm by using scratch blockly software. Now it is time to control Dobot to pick and place using LabVIEW.

The problem is I do not know which one to buy. LabVIEW has three differrent categories as basic, full and Professional. I am confused which one to buy for this purpose.

Can someone help me to find best one to purchase?


hello Manogar JK
MG400 labview application is based on tcp/IP communication,If your requirement is that the labview should just support this communication.Then I think the BASIC version is sufficient.
You need to check with the labview salesperson again.
Best wishes


Thank you, Sir.
It is helpful. The reply is very fast as well. Thank you once again.