Dobot Magician And LabVIEW


Does anyone know where this plugin can be downloaded???

Hands-On Introduction to LabView with the Dobot Magician

File name: virobot


Labview with Dobot magician

Hello, Thomas, I have replied your topic by email and attached the related vip file.


Hello Ryan_Yin,
can you also send me these .vip file?
thanks & regards


Hi Ralle

I never really got it to work with this .vip because it depends on a DLL which is not up to date, probably why it can’t be downloaded anymore :grinning:

So I started building my own interface…



Hello Thomas,
Thank you for your answer. I think the magician is programmed through the serial port, right? I am trying to program the MG400 via the ethernet interface. Unfortunately, there is only one .dll that does not work completely. :confused:
I am grateful for any suggestion.
Greetings Ralle


Please visit the following link to download
Note: This is a very old file, so it may not work with it. Hope this file can help you.


Thanks, i should probably communicate via the TCP/IP protocol…


Hi Thomas,

could you please send me the block diagram? Thanks


Hi Medhanie

My code has become a bit complicated and for a specific purpose…
So what exactly are you looking for ??