[Dobot Magician, 3D Printing] Heater is not working


Hello, I have two Dobot Magician in my lab and would like to do 3d printing with the Dobot Magicians.

I installed the latest Dobot Studio, flashed the latest 3D printing firmware (I see that Repetier Host V1.0.6 is automatically launched after flashing), but was not able to do 3D printing as heater is not heating at all. Here are the symptoms.

  1. In Repetier Host (USB connection), I can manually control x/y/z coordinates, fan, and can read the temperature.

  2. I cannot test feeding stepper motor, as the heater is not working (as far as I know, the temperature should be above 180 degrees to control feeder).

  3. The heater is not heated at all. When I measure the voltage of SW3(4) port (with out heater plugged), the voltage is 12V when I DID NOT TURN ON the heater, and about 9.5V when I TURN ON the heater in Repetier Host. Which seems to be weird to me. In either case, the heater is not working at all.

  4. When I connected the heater to a different voltage source, I confirmed that the heater is working.

I assume that the potential issues may be as follows.

  1. Compatibility issue between firmware, Repetier Host --> In this case, what is the right version and right software to use?

  2. Need to use a different type of heater --> In this case, what is the desired specification of the heater?

  3. Dobot Magician is damages or the fuse is blown --> In this case, which part I am able to replace, or how to repair it?

I am attaching the photos showing the connections, the heatend assembly, and the heater for your refererence. If you have any idea on the issue, please let me know.




Does the other functions of the magician use normally? What color is the indicator light when 3D printing ?


I’m facing the same issue. the temperature sensor displays between 19 and 26° .
The status LED shows green; other functions (e. g. writing) is available after reload …

Let me know, to do check further. It would be great to continue the 3d-print projects.

Best Regard, thank you in advance for reading,