Dobot M1 db62 expansion Pin diagram


Im trying to develop an application for Dobot M1, I need to connect the M1 directly to the external device using DB62 connector. Due to lack of space I cant put an expansion module in between. Im unable to find the DB62 pin diagram.for the connector. Could you please share the same with me.



I think you should download the M1-User Guide and then watch Sections 4.32 and 6.10.5.


While that gives the pinout for the expansion 100 pin board, it would be nice to have the pinout for the actual DB62 port. Do you have any of this documentation?


Sorry for not explaining it to you. Section 4.3.3 of the document has the pinout for the actual DB62 port .


Hi Daniel, thanks for replying. I think there might still be a little miscommunication on this. The above reference in section 4.3.3 does give a pinout but that is for the expansion board with the 100 pin terminal blocks and 2 relays. You need to connect that expansion board to the back of the robot in order to use it.

I do not have the expansion board and wanted to make a custom DB62 connector interface. For example, how can pin 90 on page 35 be DIN8 when there are only 62 pins on the back connector? Do you have any documentation of the pinout of the back of the robot DB62 connector or at least a net list of the expansion board I can look at?



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I’d also appreciate if you could share the DB62 pinout with me.
I have 3 M1s at the moment and the pinout would be really useful.



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