Dobot Gripper Extensions


I had the need to extend my Dobot Magician grippers by 22mm so I used Fusion 360 to model around the gripper to create this slip on extension.

The STL’s are available for download here:

To install the extensions use an allen key to unscrew the gripper arms. Move the 2 washers that connect the arm from one end to the other and screw the extenders back on.


I also included a “Sock” that can be printed in flexible filament to aid in “grippyness”. The STL is available on thingiverse with the rest of the gripper extensions.


Here’s a Fusion 360 rendering:


WOW! the design is so COOL! love it!!


Hi Jim,

In your experience, how precise can gripper placement be for the Dobot Magician?

We are interested in pick and place for different-sized objects of around 1-3mm in diameter(!).

Might, for example, a finer tip to a gripper extension like the one you have designed be effective?



Hi Rob,

I’ve found it to be accurate to within 1 or 2 mm with light weight objects. I think it would probably struggle to reliably pick and place something as small as 1-3 mm even with a finer tipped gripper. I’ve only really experimented with 2mm thick, 15mm wide objects which its good enough for.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.




Wow thanks for the quick reply!

We are looking for this solution to pick and place seeds, which tend to be tiny but light, so I’m trying to figure out if the Dobot would be suitable, or if we need to go for an arm that is higher-end/more costly that might have more precision built in. The other option on the Dobot instead of a gripper is obviously using a smaller suction cup, or customized suction needle I guess - but I’ve struggled to find examples online of people customizing the suction fitting on the Dobot.

We’re really at the beginning of this project so I’m a little clueless right now. If you had any further thoughts I’d love to hear!



Hi Rob,

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

The dobot might be capable of this but would certainly require some modifications. I haven’t played with the suction cup at all so I can’t comment on whether it could be modded for smaller (seed sized) objects.

If you haven’t already you might consider looking at SMD pick and place machines for inspiration as they deal with seed sized parts.

Good Luck!



check out the farm bot I know they have a seed picker uper.