Dobot cake decorator?


Anyone know how to do this?
I’d really appreciate it any help!


I haven’t done anything like this yet but have looked into something similar. But just by looking at it in the video, to me it just looks like a syringe with an airline attached to drive the piston down in the syringe to push the material (icing, chocolate syrup, etc.) out of a small orifice to get the desired flow. That is how i would construct this it wouldn’t be too difficult i don’t think, just some trial an error. The only tedious part i see is training it to write/draw what you want but again a little trial an error and it should work. May need to use a dedicated air tank and solenoid to get more pressure to push out the material if the pump that came with the Dobot doesn’t have enough power. To do this look up chris hurd on youtube, he has a video showing a dobot using an external air tank to power a pneumatic actuator with a solenoid. This is my 2 cents on it hope it helps and if you manage to get it working post a video on here for us to see it!